Custom Home Builder

Castle Rock

Since 2004, Castle Rock Homes has been in the forefront of luxurious custom-build homes applying refinements to the architectural details in many desirable Toronto neighborhoods. Specializing in custom home construction with a modernist keen appreciation for classical architecture, these homes are rooted in tradition but also attuned to the demands and opportunities of life today. They celebrate craftsmanship and quality, comfort and decoration, natural light and importance of connecting the rooms inside with the environment which surround them.


Interior Design & Stageing

Maryam Zarehbini

M.Z is an experienced Architect received her M.A in architecture and Design After many years as a successful Architect, interior designer and university teacher, her ability to export and adapt design solutions will create a unique palette of colour, texture and design that reflects your personal expression while maximising functionality, style and comfort We share our design philosophy that focuses on innovation, creativity, quality and within budget to create your ideal, stylish and harmonised living space.